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Practical information on the Drukpa Plouray Buddhist Centre

The Centre is open to visitors every afternoon from 2.30 p.m. to 5.55 p.m.

Reception is at the shop, where you will find books, incense, cards, clothes and handicrafts... Groups can be received for a tour.
Children remain under the full responsibility of their parents.

It is important to respect the peaceful nature of the Centre, not to consume alcohol, smoke tobacco or take drugs at the Centre.
Pets are to be kept on a leash and to stay with their owners, who is responsible for keeping the premises clean (Cf. rules and regulations).

The Centre operates largely thanks to volunteers and the people who sojourn there help with daily chores. A « volunteering » section is available in our website ( Please do not hesitate to visit and to register if you so desire.

People going through financial difficulties and wishing to participate in the activities are invited to contact the Centre.

Membership of the Drukpa Plouray association implies de facto acceptance of the internal rules.

Drukpa Plouray - Congregation Pel Drukpay Tcheutsok - European headquarters of the Drukpa lineage - Drukpa Plouray - Bel Avenir - 56770 Plouray – France

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